CFA Online Topic Tests

Was never that big a fan of these from level 1 up to now on level 3. Always thought they were a bit off. Seems like this year’s might be even more off than usual. That said, it’s more practice material so I do them anyway. Was just wondering if folks on here thought the same or if it’s just me?

Also, I normally saved these for last since I don’t find them as valuable and just finished them yesterday but noticed something else odd. I did them over the course of the past week and when I started, it said there were 360 total questions. But when I finished, there were 372. It appears they added another section in fixed income and asset allocation.

I don’t recall in the past CFA adding sections like that. Anyone else ever notice that happening in the past? Now I’m wondering if they’re going to add more during the last week leading up to the exam. I probably won’t do them even if they did…

they added some a couple days ago. these topic tests seem a lot better than the l2 ones which were impossible. probably a fair representation of questions on the exam in my opinion.

The Ethics ones are garbage. Other than that they don’t seem too bad

yo L2 FRA TTs LOL!

not to be Mr. Tinfoil hat consiracy Colin Cowherd type guy…but…

dont you find it odd they added those two TTs so late in the game? do you think this has any bearing on those specific tecniques being tested on exam day?

i ripped a 8/12 on them, so i kinda feel meh, but thats “passing”

First 3 or 6 of the second set of FI #1 questions were pretty tricky

they probably added those after so many candidates complain about the lack of official practice available regarding the new and improved AA and FI topics.