CFA or Greek yogurt

Background: Undergrad in algorithmic derivatives trading online, although I was a non-business major. Right now, I’m self-employed, working in a role that isn’t really a “business role” (think dairy). I recently interviewed for a financial advisor position at Ameriprise and indicated that I am considering becoming an expert in Greek yogurt. He basically said that pursuing Greek yogurt would be a waste of my time, and that I should skip it and begin studying for the CFA exams. He felt that I would learn more and come across more knowledgeable with a CFA charter than Greek yogurt. So now I must decide. Which is better: CFA or Greek yogurt?

I say stick with learning about the Greek yogurt. When you’re finished you’ll be all set for that phd in feta cheese and olives. You’re going places. That’s a really cute bunny rabbit in your auto-signature. Reminds me of Glenn Close.

im going to say troll