Cfa pass rate 26%

Is it going to be the new normal???

I think it is so…


Is the level 1 exam really that much harder than previous sittings? Any CFA tried taking the test?
I feel like the low pass rate can be partially explained because it is offered slightly more often (which means candidates on average have less time to prepare. It’s probably also the case that people taking level 1 have really terrible study habits and feel somewhat overconfident about passing the exam. I would not be surprised if a significant chunk of those who failed tried to cram the entire syllabus 5 days prior to taking the test.

Tend to agree with study habits. The passing rate is irrelevant to my approach to the exam. Don’t focus on how others did, focus on your study approach and do your best. If you adopt this mindset, who cares that the pass rate is low? Just put in the time and effort and you’ll pass. It’s really that simple. This applies regardless of what you use to study, curriculum or prep provider.