CFA passing scores

Hi Guys!! I am taking the exam next December, and I was wondering about the minimum score needed to pass. I went through several websites to figure out the minimum score but all people talk about 70 % of the best 1 % scores… Does anyone have an idea about the range of the 1% best papers? Did anyone earn 100% in Level 1, in the past? I found some interesting statistics on this website According to the figures mentioned in this website, no one ever earned more than 80% questions, besides, some people got 63% ans passed!! I really want to have a better idea about that criterion because I am currently taking the Schweser sample exams, and telling the truth, the best score I got is 78 %, all my other scores are around 72%, so I am expecting to do worse in the exam because of pressure, stress and especially what is called the “unexpected AMBIGUOUS CFA questions”:slight_smile: Thanks for your help and Good luck for everyone!!

malek, welcome to AF. It looks like you’ve taken some initiative to answer your own question which may fend off a few smartass replies (no promises on this, though). The short answers are 1) CFAI claims no one has ever earned 100% on any of their exams. 2) The minimum passing score (MPS) varies annually and is never revealed. Some folks in these forums invest considerable time into estimating the MPS, which often seems to fall between 62%-70% CFAI’s article “Into our Fifth Decade” includes an informative discussion of the history of the MPS, check out p.13 of the PDF. Good luck on your exam.

thanks for your response, I already read the article “Into the fifth decase”, they provide us with the techniques used to set the MPS, but no clues are given about the actual MPS for the past exams. Anyway, any estimation for the best score ever earned? is it 80% as claimed in some websites? Thanks again!!

the way they give you your actual score after the exam is to broad to narrow the actual score down. they give you each section, and only tell you <50, 51-70, >70.

Hey Guys!! malnoll, I know that CFA only provides us with the range in which falls our scores in each section, but I was wondering how people can figure out the MPS and the best scores for the last years if CFA keeps that as confidential. Actually, in this website , I found scores for the last sessions, but the point is: are these statitics really reliable?!! Especially, when I see that the best score earned does not exceed 80%… Thanks again and Good luck for everybody!! Malek