CFA phony?

Rick SIngh, CFA = certified Florida appraiser. I think this guy is really stretching it…

Bummer, comments disabled.

Seems legit.

That video was much higher production value than expected.

He knows it’s a valuable website for the millions of people who use it each day. Pay no attention to the 13K views on the video.

I had no idea that stood for Certified Florida Appraiser. I was wondering how all of these appraisers had their CFA designation and why did they need it to appraise residential real estate?

A few years ago I signed up for CFA review classes that were hosted at a local hotel with conferencing facilities. During one week of the Level 2 classes, there was another event at the hotel hosted by the C at F anciers A ssociation.

I checked it out during one of the breaks – five minutes was enough.

You didn’t even take advantage of the high crazy-chick-to-guy ratio? Gold mine for an easy lay.


Unfortunately, the average age of the chicks there must have been close to 60.


I just realized, if I got both designations could I have it this way? Blackbelt, CFA2

probabaly Blackbelt, CFA, CFA as they are not the same thing being squared

Oh, there’s a another CFA? That explains why my Cat Fanciers Association tests had so many numbers :wink:

When the Cat Fanciers Association hears about this, they’re going to be SO MAD! Btw really hope I pass my level 3 can fancier test with them to become a real cat fancier, capable of delivering superior fancy cat meme returns.

I found the level three cat fancier test was challenging. Especially the laser pointer movement in the Cat Agility Challenge.