CFA practice exams

Wow… so I just took the 4th CFAI exam … Started off 17/20 and finished with a solid 60%… I think that was the hardest practice exam … Honestly I feel like I just wasted 2 hours… what a joke… I will post some questions later… maybe when I feel like not giving up… haha… anybody else have troubles on that one?

Yep. I got a 53 or 54% on that one. Felt pretty bad after taking it, too. I am using them more as a learning tool than anything else. I know the material but am trying to fill in the gaps.

will take it tomorrow - 1 & 4 are left. 3 was so far the hardest I thought.

What 4th CFAI exam you’re talking about? Is it the mock exam by CFA Institute? I’m planning to take my first try on Thanksgiving. Sorry this is my first time taking the CFA exam (I’m also a new member here), do you guys know what’s the minimum passing grade? Thanks.

Has anybody taken these exams either on Linux, or Mac OS X? Or use a web browser for the CFA exams that is not Internet Explorer? I don’t have Windows, I have a Mac, but I hope this isn’t a problem to take the CFA exams.

It said only Internet Explorer. I use Firefox, so I had to do it at work. I took exam one yesterday and got 37 out of 60 (60%). Ethics killed me.

just took practice exam #4 also. I got a 65. not happy about it. it was feast or famine for me on this one. bombed the quant and econ parts. thought i knew quant ok, but not the part that showed up on this exam. and econ is well…econ. also failed the equity part. surprised by that. did really well in the corp fin, derivatives, fixed income, pm. and ok in fsa. don’t get too down. just gotta learn from our mistakes. 2 weeks is plenty of time to focus on weaknesses. just think if you take 4 of them, you get a full cfa practice exam.

What is the toughest one? Has anyone took all the exams yet? I solved 4th and scored 68%