CFA prep course (PASSMAX)

Has anyone ever heard of the prep course PASSMAX?

I was referred here by a buddy who took and passed level 2 with just this course. I however wouldn’t put all my eggs in this one basket, just curious if anyone has heard of this/tried it out/has any thoughts?

Passed all 3 with Krikor. Great for L1, unhappy for L2, great for L3. L2 the prep was too condensed.

Was there specific areas of L2 that you thought he left out?

I’m currently studying with Passmax for L2 2017

Krikor’s a good dude. I used his course as a supplement in L2 but studied primarily off the official texts. He is pretty good at condensing the complex ideas; accelerates the learning if you need that. It’s been a while but his strategy was to make sure you can get 80%+ on the heaviest weights and the bare minimum on the non-cores. Like all prep courses, you’re only going to benefit if you stick to the study schedule and do the practice exams.