CFA Prep Timing

Hi all -

If I enroll this coming week for the CFA 1 June exam - do you think its too late to prepare and pass? Shall I aim for the December exam instead?

I completed a quantitiative/finance bachelors in 2014, seem to remeber quite a bit of finance still, but will need to brush up and am unsure if the June exam is too soon? I work full time but can study during the weekends and lunchtimes.

Thanks in advance!

There are a lot of factors to consider (and I am sure the more experienced guys in the forum will point those out to you), but the one thing I would keep in mind is the fact that, even if you took the L1 exam in June (and passed), you would have to wait another year until June 2017 to take L2, because as far as I know L2 is not offered in December, so you wouldn’t really save any time in the long run. Instead you could finish in the same time, by taking L1 in December 2015 (and have more time to prepare), and then take L2 in June 2017. In this second scenario you would also benefit from the early bird special (early registration discount). On the other hand, if a lot of the material is still fresh in your memory, taking the L1 in June, would allow you to take your time for L2. But like I said, many factors to consider. Hope this helped.

You should be fine. You can start with Wiley notes they are great in terms of explaining concepts and then you can focus on Qbank.

Practice is the key here.

Great! Thanks everyone!