cfa professional work experience?

so i now have a job wit Fortis… (Prime Fund Solutions) as an investment accountant… is this elegible towards my 4 years experience before i get chartered? and how do i let them know i am working in a relevent or what paperwork shud i be looking at? the title “investment accountant” isn’t listed on their site but “accountant” is… my job basically revolves around calculating the net asset value of funds and processing trades for fund of funds and some other stuff i havnt covered yet so i think it shud be fairly relevent… my first exam is in december, and i’m only 20. i really want to have get the charter when i’m 24/25 so i dont wanna mess up the experience part anyone know? :stuck_out_tongue:

Fund accountant does not count toward the requirement. However, since CFAI doesn’t check your experience you can really just say your job met the requirements and it will get approved. In the years I been on this board I’ve seen people totally game the system and get the charter without the relavent experience and I’ve seen it in the real world as well. It is against the code of ethics and devalues the charter for everyone else but there are 100 kids in China doing the same thing right this minute (Even if CFAI did check its not like they would know if someone said they worked for a small Chinese botique research shop that didn’t really exist).

cool… well at least if they don’t check, i’ll be ok. so what job could i realistically get at this age that wud count legitamately?

I know a couple of research associates that got hired right out of undergrad that were 20-22. You could get a job at a private bank as an assistant PM.

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