CFA Questions

Are the EOCQ from CFA and the questions from CFA site really close and similar to the questions I should expect to face in exam day?

Because Im also using when I have the time Mark Meldrums question bank and the questions on his QB are way harder than the one`s I face from CFA Official Material.

Can anybody confirm for me that in the exam day I should expect to face questions similar to the one`s in CFA Official Material?

I really need to know this, because I really dont wanna lose my time trying to solve hard questions from his bank if the questions in the real exam woudnt be that complex…

I can tell you that the exam questions are set based on the official curriculum.

I have never seen Meldrum’s QB, so I can’t judge. It could be difficult for you now as you are still learning new things. If it is very different from EOCQ and CFA site, then do it sparingly. Having said that, sometimes it may be good to do some difficult questions so it will broaden up the way you think of the concepts.

I mean in corporate finance 2 (Measures of Leverage) I got all questions right from EOCQ and CFA site, but when i went to Meldrums Question Bank I wasntt able to answer the questions with the same accuracy like I did when solving the CFA questions.

The questions of his bank were way more in depth…

Can someone recommend from which provider I can buy question bank or like practice papers for all sections in Level 1.

You should focus in the EOC from the CFAI. They are the closest to the exam.


You will find a lot of variance from the different provider’s q-banks and questions from institute itself. I think the best thing is to get a q-bank from a third party, and do them PLUS all the CFAI questions. Doing as many questions as possible will help you so much come exam day. Even if they aren’t exactly like the ones you will find on exam day, you are slowly adding to your understanding with every question you do.

This is certainly true, but I dont have time enough to do the questions from a 3rd party provider I think Im gonna leave them for the very end (last month if I get spare time), after redoing all CFA questions again.

Focus on EOCQs and mock exams, dont waste you time with 3rd party questions if you dont have enough time. On a side note, i did buy MM video for my lv3, didnt find his questions too challenging. And level 1 is easy man, just relax, finish your readings, and do all the questions and mocks offered by CFAI, you will pass with flying colour.

Im kind of confident by what I have done so far Im with 79% correct answers have done 802/2826 questions, studied 30% of the whole material, what Im worried is about the time of finishing the rest theres still 70% to go (half of equity, half of quant, PM, FRA, Econ, Ethics, AI and Der), theres too much left still.

I wanted to finish everything by early May but I will probably finish by 15-20 May, I wanted to do 1 month of review that I think would be ideal but I`m worried to not finish everything by early May and only have 15 days to review.

I still have 40 readings left to do.