CFA Re-Takers

For those who failed the December 2020 exam (or have retaken an exam in the past), what do you think is the most efficient way to approach the relearning phase (e.g. do you re-take prior mock exams or try to find new mocks that you haven’t seen)?

Personally, I think it’s a balance of coming up to speed with where you were heading into the last exam, and then diving into incremental “weak” spots that you think are attainable (getting as many big topics down as possible).

Would love to hear others candidates thoughts and perspectives

This question would be better answered if the re-takers such as myself gave the second attempt and passed on it. Then it would make sime amount of sense for you to follow.

Good point. What worked best for you when you studied for “round 2” and passed?

My round 2 is in May.

Wanted to write a bit more in the above reply but concluded the most important thing is to know the materials well enough to know how to respond on the exam (go figure the nuclear science behind it). I thought I knew well enough, but obviously I didn’t, and started to answer in my own words per se. I think this was the cost I had to pay.

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