CFA Registration - Passport Lost

I have lost my Passport few days back and applied for new one but didn’t received it yet, may be in a week or 10 days.

Is it possible to register with old passport or any other random number and get it updated with CFAI later on by filing update form.

I know the question has been asked several times, but i just want to confirm if some one has done this type of thing successfully. In case if they don’t accept the registrstion will they refund the money or forfiet it.

Please help, tomorrow is the last date for registration for Level 1.

You should be ok if you contact CFAI and let them know - especially since the exam is a few months away yet. They may ask for evidence or paperwork confirming the process, though.

You should register with your old lost passport and update it when you get the new one. I don’t think submitting a random number/letter combination will work; I believe it has to be a valid passport number.

Thanks. Just called them and they too suggested to register with old number and get it updated when you receive the new passport.