cfa regular membership


i submitted 48 months of work experience on october 1st to become a regular member of CFAI. i just checked my account and it is showing that approved work experience=48 months and submitted work experience=48 months. however, under status, it still says work experience review.

any idea why hasn’t it moved to society review if the work experience has been approved?

I read that a small percentage of applications go through an additional quality check at the CFAI review step. It should move to Under Review - Local Society within a week. My application sat in the same scenario as yours for 5 days at the end of August.

thanks. so does it mean there is still a chance that work experience will be rejected?

I wouldn’t worry too much. I know it is painful to wait yet another week but it won’t feel like much after you get the charter.

thanks a lot!!

I’m going to suggest something that I realize is way, way out there: I’m talking astronomical crazy here.

Try e-mailing CFA Institute ( and asking them.

I know: completely nutso!