CFA reimbursement

Hi everyone, For those of you whose work reimburses your CFA costs, I was just curious to see if they gross up your expenses (so that after tax, you get the full amount that you paid out-of-pocket for the exam), or if they just add the amount to your income pre-tax so you end up getting taxed on the amount twice. From my understanding, accounting firms will do this pre-tax method for tests like the CFA and CPA, but I was curious what other firms are doing. Thanks.

If it is expense reimbursement then it shouldnt have tax consequences…if it is BONUS then you get into gross up, etc. For example, at Deloitte they used to give you a bonus pool of 3K for CPA. So lets say you took becker you could charge that against it as EXPENSE REIMBURSEMENT which didnt have tax consequences and then whatever is left you got as a bonus and paid a lot of taxes on it.