CFA related part time work - Toronto

Hi everyone,

Just a little background: I am about to get promoted as an Assurance manager in one of the Big4 here in Toronto. I have my CPA, but during my undergrad studies I was fascinated by the working knowledge of equity and debt markets, so I went ahead and passed all my three CFA exams about 5 years ago. However, somehow I was never able to break into finance, or let’s just say I was too lazy since I had begun my career in assurance back then. I can’t apply for charter as I don’t have relevant work experience.

That being said, I now want to move slowly towards the finance side. I am looking for some part-time analyst role, over the weekend preferably, even if un-paid, so that I can gain some experience related to equity market, derivatives and portfolio management.

What’s the best way to do that? I know it might sound like a vague question but what type of work should I be looking at? And what skills I should be developing? Also, I doubt there is anything going on over the weekend, so how do I utilize this time? To summarize: I really want to put my CFA into use.

Any type of help/comment will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

i don’t believe big 4 assurance manager asks stupid questions.

You may want to re-evaluate whether your role in fact does not qualify. People with audit/accounting experience have received the charter based on this very experience so don’t rule it out.

You lose nothing by submitting your work experience. If you have 48 months, then just submit it.

In between the lines: OBVIOUSLY the work you’ve done as an auditer ASSISTED in the investment making decision process ONE WAY OR ANOTHER.

You’re welcome.

Is this really a question?