cfa relevant job after which level?

Hey all. I am 21 right now and completed my BBA in finance this year. Since I am new to this forum so please bear with me. I want to ask after completion of which CFA level does one get a job relevant to CFA in India? Thanks.

Passing a CFA exam does not entitle you to a job. It’s a myth.

If you’re lucky, several years after L3.


After level 3, if you already had a job relevant to CFA before.

back office

Could not agree more!)))

Quick question. There are a number of you who state that the ‘CFA job’ is a myth, or that one is not guaranteed a job after earning the charter. What do you do for a living? I have no doubt it might have been difficult to land a job in finance/IB or whatever, but are all of you pushing papers? CPAs say the same thing to people taking the CPA exam.

Nobody is guaranteed anything, but to claim that the charter does not help one gain employment/get ones foot in the door through networking is complete b*llsh*t.

I’m an analyst at a PE fund, but I had a CFA relevant job before…not the sexiest by far but I wasn’t doing like hedge fund reporting or fund accounting or something.

I was leading a corporate treasury team when I started and now I’m an “expert” type. I’ve never heard of anyone in real life making the jump due to CFA. Also remember your not getting the Charter without 48 months experience. So you’re just some dude that’s passed exams. In other words, I think the designation has value because it shows you’re experienced and knowledgeable to some extent. Passing the exams doesn’t really mean that much. I would respect it if I was hiring, but I’m going to pick the guy with experience every time. And right now there are ten guys with experience for every one hack IT wanna-be finance rock star.

CFA exams are best utilised if you’re already in the right role, or in back office with serious potential and good relationship with FO guys at your firm who know your plans and support you making the move.

Thank you for answering my question

No one is saying it doesn’t help at all. After all, buying 2 lottery tickets instead of 1 means you doubled your chances of winning. But that doesn’t mean your overall odds are very good

Odds are very good at what? Finding a job? Get your foot in the door? Ludicrous. Its very easy to hide in front of a cloak and be discouraging. Not relying on job posts, but a large majority of them that I have looked at state “CFA pursuant desired”. Most professions require you to hustle. With the sole exception of actuaries, I do not know of a single business profession that does not rely on networking.

IBWCAB, yes what you say is true in that many job descriptions ask this of you. If you don’t have it, your chances could be close to 0…but even having it your chances could still be close to 0 if you had poor grades, non-relevant past work experience, etc. It’s like having a bachelors degree certainly helps in getting a job and not having one is not recommended but will having that bachelors degree really guarantee you a relevant job? Depends on many other factors. Same with CFA, there have to be many factors working together…CFA is certainly one of them and a good highlight on your resume but it is not the end all be all.


Ramos4rm, yes, certainly. I am not claiming it to be the ‘end all, be all’.

What I find ludicrous is professionals trolling these boards putting up roadblacks instead of offering advice.

Please spare that some are providing a “tough love” or a “healthy dose of reality” or “finance is dead” mantra. Its insulting and elitist. The charterholders I know personally were the same person before and after they passed L3.

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