CFA Results and a Round of Golf--Character Revealers

I posted this the past couple of years and I thought I’d repost as it seems appropriate given that this was “results” week. My best to all of you who are slugging it out in this program. I had a friend tell me once (I think correctly) that he could learn much about a person from playing a round of golf with him. He could see how the guy responded to setbacks and adversity, if he had a sense of humor, how he responded to success, how he carried himself in general, how he responded to others’ successes, etc… The CFA results also show alot about people----every year we have some GENUINE IDIOTS on the various boards bragging their two weeks of study, their “3 for 3”, or even worse—putting others down who fell short. Thankfully though—there a bunches of people who’ve been through this process, know how challenging it is and who are trying to lift up those who fell short this year. For those who failed–I am very, very sorry. I know it is tough (from my own experience!). But please realize that most of us know (even if your family, friends, co-workers don’t) how uniquely difficult, time-consuming, and trying this program is—and it is only getting worse over time. If it didn’t work out for you this year and you really want the designation—please hang in there. Normal people can get this thing—it’s just more of a “war of attrition” than most of us have ever encountered in other academic pursuits. If you failed (and maybe even failed and failed and failed, etc…) and then manage to come back and hang tough and eventually get the thing (no matter how “ugly” the process looked), you have my greatest respect and the respect of most of the people on this board. My two cents.

so true. loving your 2 cents :wink:

I agree, as well

Your sentiments, though well meaning, are flawed. People who go 3 for 3 and brag about it are indeed idiots, but less so than the people who seem to spend their whole study period gossiping on AF, as opposed to actually WORKING. They then fail and we get hundreds of “woe is me, I can’t believe it, it’s not gonna beat me etc etc” posts. I know which group i’d rather be in.

I am a golfer and that analysis is so true. And in the same vein, the showboating style by Usain Bolt was so arrogant-at least the IOC president took issue with “catch me if you can attitude”.