CFA results: separate days for each level?

After yesterday’s debacle, is it time for LI and LII results to be released on separate days?

The ever increasing number of candidates must be putting significant strain on the IT systems of CFAI.

Why not release LII a week later, on the empty Tuesday that currently stands between the first and second results days?

Here’s an idea they might want to think about. They raked in what, $100 million in exam fees for the June exams?

Their issue is about the easiest one to deal with. They have the luxury of knowing the exact day and time that their servers will be strained. They can simply rent some extra space for that day, and it won’t cost very much at all. In fact, I think Amazon Web Services will automatically adjust for them to meet demand if they were to use that service.

The issue is either one of incompetence or extreme penny-pinching.