CFA Review

My boss mentioned a financial analyst review course in Chapel Hill for the CFA exam. I cannot find any info on it. Anyone ever heard of one that is in chapel hill?

Lxada269 - Where do you work in the Chapel Hill area? I may be moving down there in the next few months, and am looking for some good investment management firms to take a look at. Thanks for your help.

Actually, I don’t. I work in Florida, but Chapel Hill is the location he mentioned to me. I don’t think there are any review courses in Florida

Sorry to go off topic from your original post, but where do you work in Florida? The reason for all the questions is that my girlfriend will find out in March where she matches for medical residency, and Chapel Hill, Jacksonville, and Tampa are all possibilities. I plan to move down with her, so just trying to get a feel for how the investment management landscape is in these areas… thanks for any help you can give…

I am in Jacksonville. What type of job are you looking for? I spent 5 months seaching for a job in the south before I got this one. I work at a small buyside shop. There are a couple more small shops here in jax (I don’t think any are currently hiring). The only other option here that I have found is working for Evergreen Investments (Wachovia subsidiary). I don’t know anything about the market in Chapel Hill. Tampa is about the same as Jax as far as opportunities. In Tampa there is Raymond James, but that is the only larger shop that I know of. There are more opportunities in south florida, but still, not a real good market.

We visited Jacksonville a few weeks back, and liked it a lot. I’m currently in sell-side equity research, so am actually looking for a move to the buyside. I did some research of the Jacksonville area and had found a couple - Intrepid Capital, Sawgrass, Riverplace Capital. Which company do you work for? Do you like what you’re currently doing? I appreciate your insight.

I currently work for Intrepid Capital. I was just hired a month ago as an analyst. We are a very small shop ($400 AUM). I do enjoy what I am doing now, but I don’t think they will be hiring for at least a year. I talked to a guy at Sawgrass. They were hiring a client liaison position, but that was a couple months ago. There is another shop here called either Susquehana (sp?) or timaquana (sp??), but I don’t know much about them. There is a hedge fund here called WaterStreet capital. Supposedly the guy in charge is a control freak and does most of the work himself. They may just be rumors, as I have not met the guy. It is supposed to be a very big fund. As far as Jacksonville goes, I love it. It is a great place to live.

Nice, congratulations on the new job! Its good to know that their are buy-side shops in the area, just got to see how this whole match process pans out in March. Do you mind if I get your email address in case we end up down there?

sure. While the population of jacksonville is not large, the area is. In fact, I believe it is the largest city in America. So feel free to ask about location.

CFA Review, I grew up in the Jax area, and went to school in Tallahassee (Go Noles!). Currently, I’m out here on the West Coast, not by choice, but because there are so few jobs in the area. I always wanted to live in the state, but unless you’re willing to live in Palm Beach/Miami/Orlando, there aren’t many jobs. Frankly, as a person who grew up in Florida, I wouldn’t want to live down there. In NYC, you get paid to live in a rat race. In Miami, you get all of the people without the $$. Good luck in your search. Cheers!

We are from Baltimore, and in our opinion Jacksonville was really similar. The Jax Landing is almost a mirror image of the Inner Harbor here. If we moved down there we’d likely try to live in the Jacksonville/Neptune Beach area, it seemed like there were some nice apartments there, and we’d be close to the beach but not that far from downtown. Definitely the best weather (outside Tampa) of the locations we’re looking at.