CFA salaries in India

I’m looking to hire a CFA charterholder in India and was curious as to salaries earned by charterholders in India. Assume you have your CFA and say 5 years experience in investments/analysis and live in Mumbai - what’s a ballpark salary?

Check in with Raul Roy. Probably several million Rupees. And due to “PPP”, that’s like being richer than Buffett.


Second that. Plus you get XRAY in the package. Can’t beat that and they call you Sir.

And, lest we not forget, R. Roy is working on 8-pack abs and he hangs out with SRK.

Ok, so a couple million Rupees, which works out at say $35,000 USD. Thanks.

We had an accounting team there and I think we paid the CPAs $30K USD, plus bonuses (a lot of money there). But it was “dirt cheap” from the perspective of the US accountants making $80K.

In India, CA’s are more prominent than CFA. A CA with 5 years of IB experience will earn anywhere above Rs 30L ($50k USD). Not a lot of money in the US, but respectable in India.

CA’s (CPA’s) are more numerous than CFA’s everywhere in the world.