CFA salary survey

Quiet interesting I thought, it’s a salary and bonus study of a sample of charter holders in different countries with experience of 5+ years in different fields of finance and investments. Would you agree or say it’s rubbish? 2005 Investment Management Compensation Survey @

IMHO, I would think that the low response rate for the survey (average of 24% in all the countries surveyed) pretty much makes it less useful than it could have potentially been, due to it filtering out two groups of charterholders: - successful charterholders who are too busy with their jobs to fill up such surveys, and - the people who are not proud of their salary and do not think it is worth filling up such a survey… To conclude, I wouldnt say that the survey is totally rubbish… but if we take into account these factors, it still makes for an interesting read.

There is a new one for 07 too btw I would think the median probably has a little bit of upward bias, but not a whole lot