CFA Salary Survey

No, I’m not going to ask you what you make. I just thought this study was interesting considering I know everyone is asking the question when they start the program. I know it might be skewed because Seattle is a little wealthier than, say, Mobile, Alabama, but it gives some decent statistics on compensation for the charterholders up here. The one discrepancy is the 0-5 years experience salary considering you can’t have the charter with 0-4 of those years. Either way, good information from the CFA Society of Seattle that could even be used as a negotiating tool with your employer. Take a look:

I doubt those that don’t make a lot actually volunteer to give out their salary.

The results may be skewed by CFA Charterholders living in cities with a high cost of living (e.g., New York and San Francisco). Nevertheless, being a Candidate in the CFA Program means you are more likely to not say stupid shit. As a result, you will be more likely to get raises or advance from your current position.

Obviously you have not been reading my posts

What do you mean? What posts? Do you not agree? I can tell you that studying for Level I while competing with two other interns for a full-time position doing business valuations gave me a tremendous leg up (I was hired - they were not). Not just because of the obvious “signaling” involved with the exam, but I was able to actually to use a lot of the concepts every day in my work.

I make less than the 0-5 demographic for both males and females. Is this for Seattle only?

Anyone want to break this thing into cross sectional data so that we can combine all the factors and come up with estimates based on all factors rather than see each independantly?

This info was from Seattle society members. I’m sure this includes the Bellevue and Tacoma areas considering they don’t have a society. Keep in mind, this is the home to Russell Investments and a lot of high paying tech companies. The area routinely has higher than US average wages to go along with the higher cost of living so don’t feel bad if you dont make as much as these figures.

True, I just pulled up the cost of living calculator. Surprisingly, the cost of living in Tacoma and NYC is the same. But still, I’m making roughly half of what the typical male with 0-5 years of experience is making LOL.