CFA Sample Exam Scores

For the paid exams on the CFA Institute site, how are all your scores looking?

I got 60% on both of them and am now in full panic mode.

They seem pretty tough compared to all the other exams I took.

no time to panic, you should now know all the topics you missed on there. keep hitting the books panic = wastes time! btw I have not take the sample exam and can’t give you my score.

I was pretty consistent with poor practice exam scores and passed the real exam. 60 is fine, you should feel good about it. Go back and review what you missed if possible and keep moving!

Starbuk is right, no reason to panic!

whoops. i meant i got 60 percent on the first one, i just did the second one and scored 83%.

i hope the first one was just a bad exam. thanks everyone!

I did those as my first exams like 3 weeks ago, but the first one was a beast. I got a 60% and that is still my lowest score on any mock. I got a 77% on the second one.

In other words, no need to panic… plus it is only 20 questions or whatever. How much can you tell from that when 5 are ridiculous ethics questions.

those ethics questions were killer.

I Just got a 60% on the first one as well. Those questions were over the top tricky/wordy. I thought I was prepared till now (averaged 75%+ on all past exams, schweser vol 1). Ugh. Panic mode!!!

i did them today and got 42/60. i fdelt good with that as well because i found that exam the hardest of all the ones i have done. it was harder than vol 2 schweser

I think the format of it may be replicated on saturday too with some AI in the afternoon sets

i was also discussing with cp q45 on the mock which seems like there was some errata there

82 on the 2012, 72 on 2011 (made some dumb mistakes but was def harder)

i keep screwing up ethcis, i dont get it. Ive never had a problem with it until now. Anyone else?

NOTE to all: do not confuse sample exam with mock exam

Jekyll and Hyde

53% Sample 1

90% Sample 2

Sample 1 - I really struggled with the Ethics and found some tricky parts and surpisingly GIPS I did ok in S2.

66 / 85

Many on the first test were just too tricky…