CFA Sample Exam

For those who actually shelled out the money ($40 bucks) to take the CFA Sample exam what did you think? I took the first sample exam. I just took it and got a passing grade but felt the questions were either poorly worded or too easy (at times). When compared to the mock I felt the sample exam was not similar; I was hoping it would be similar to the mock since I have heard the mock is a good representation of what you will see on exam day. If anyone has thoughts or cares to share some insight on how I should take the results please feel free to share. Thank you in advance.

I felt the same way. Took the 2 sample exam’s today and felt they were both pretty easy. got a 90% on the 1st one and a 71% on the second with some careless mistakes. I think it is always good to get questions from CFAI but cannot imagine the exam being that easy…

I didn’t like how once you’re done with a question, you’re really done with it (can’t go back and review) - unless if you pay another $20 to do the same test all over again!! I personally thought it was a bit of a rip off… I also noticed some slight recycling of questions in the online practice & the mock exam.

i took it today, do u find all the answers provided correct? i actually think some answers are not correct. Like the one it gives you cash flows from year0 to year4 and ask you which discout rate produces the highest NPV, i get 8% while CFAI answer is 15%

@stephaniez I would have to go back and double check the numbers in the question (which I don’t think I can do) but I got 15% for the correct answer. It took me a while to plug and chug those cash-flows for each discount rate but I believe 15% is correct.