CFA Sample Exams Worth $ and time?

I dont care abt spending $40 in grand scheme…but really…are they worth it and/or helpful?

Just did the first one - def worth it, tho silly you h ave to pay to reaccess it got 23 of 30, dont know how to feel from that

Not sure how helpful, but I dont see any reason to not do any questions that CFAI provides. The second sample exam seemed too easy. Last year’s level 2’s were brutal compared to these.

Ya the first one was good for showing some tricks and the second one was too easy

If you want to see unclear / *gotcha!* type MC questions (and get kicked in the nuts) then it’s worth it…

ive done them in the past, and cfa likes taking one or two questions from them.

if 80 bucks is the difference between pass/fail, i think its worth it!

I have never taken the sample exams in the past and I have been fine. I feel like doing the sample exams at this point would be coutnerproductive and would just cause you to freak out if you don’t do well.

take first

^ agree. First one is a challenge, second one is too easy (good for the confidence but a waste of $)

can you print them or is it all done on-line?

just took sample 1 and got DESTROYED

nice way to crush my confidence

compared to the Mocks, this was a JOKE - talk about vague and horseshit questions.

white flag…

… My confidence was beaten down even harder by Schweser mock. Taking 2 extra sleep gives me a fresher mind.

so how difficult were the behavioral and gips questions? mostly agree disagree questions or recognizing the bias from a vignette.

Average on the two… not much different from EOC item-sets, IMO. I spent much more time on FI/Global bonds, but this is my weak area(another is Ethics)…It’s a tradeoff between time management and understanding of what it asked. An easy but challenging task.

ethics and fixed income on sample1 were brutal…just destroyed me

ethics and fixed income on sample1 were brutal…just destroyed me

I thought the Ethics and GIPs were fair - found the derivs questions v difficult…I guess at this stage it all comes down to what sections you are comfortable with frown

The sample questions are definitely worth it.

If nothing else take number 2, getting 90% and above will make you feel good going into Saturday!