CFA Sample mock online

some feedback ? just did it, it was weird !!! The format of the test, the time flying when I still want to review the answers. I even skipped some FRA questions that required calculations because I felt I didn’t have enough time I also found the questions harder than the pdf mock of the CFAI, and even most difficult and tricky compare to the vendor such as Elan. Interesting experience, maybe I’ll do it again, but kinda frustrating too

Which online is this?

I think that the difficulty of sample exam is even harder than mock exam. It seems CFAI wants give a shock early before exam (not now) and let us contribute more effort on preparation. I plan to focus on big picture and don’t review too much those very very difficult questions. Time is limited and confidence is so important at this stage.

that right. I was so shocked last night that, i don’t need this kind of feeling at d-day 3

Miss*Yiota- Do you think the online mock was worth it? I was thinking of taking both of them. I scored a 87% on the CFAI am mock and a 85% on the CFAI pm mock. Both I did before finishing up my second pass of the material. Also I have worked all the CFAI problems in the book as well as the Schweser problems in the book. Do you think it would be beneficial at this point?

If it’s any consolation, I did the CFAI mock exam for the December 2010 exam and it was seriously hard. The real exam was easy and focused more on general know type stuff; kind of a joke really considering how much time I put in to remembering stuff that wasn’t tested.

I just finished the online CFAI mock and scored an 83%. Not too bad, missed simple ones where I went against my gut feeling which I need to stop doing!!!

Is this a free online mock exam from CFAI? I don’t see anything about it on their web site.