CFA Sample

Need advice! I scored 83.33% on the CFA 2008 Sample Exam Breakdown: Ethics: 66.67% Quant: 100% Econ: 100% Financial Statement Analysis: 84.62% Corp Finance: 75% Analysis of Equity Investments: 85.71% Derivative Investments: 66.67% Alternative Investments: 66.67% Analysis of Fixed Income Investments: 83.33% Will my ethics score keep me from passing? I found it really strange, because I normally get a lot higher in ethics.

While this is completely opinion, I think you’re more than okay.

Brush up on ethics and you’re good. Ethics would have the highest return on study time for you.

I think a mock exam would give you a much better idea of where you’re at.

Agree, Sample is much simpler than the mocks and real exams

Retaker, failed miserably in Ethics in June 08. Isura: Any advice on Ethics. I know you are crushing exams. I am not sure if I am going to kill this as my test scores are barely managing 70s. Today took CFA sample 1 73% CFA sample 2 65% CFA sample 3 70% QBank average 75% This is a poor show and I need to push this to atleast 80%…but short of time and tactics as well. I read on forum that you need to score atleast 80% to feel comfortable. Is that true?

Just got 90% in sample but thought some of the questions were worded weirdly so that might have put you off your stride. Your average of scores looks good - keep focussed on the stuff you know you can learn to get marks (ethics, econ, FSA relationship (DTA/DTL, CL v OL etc) rather than learning techniques at this late stage. 4 days so plenty of time to earn those extra few marks. Good luck