CFA samples exams v1,v2,v3 of 2008 are the same to 2007!

The mock exams are v4 and v5 from 2007? Any comments?

no wonder. there is a thread from last year talking about how brutal the v2 and v4 exams were. i bet they used the vignettes from 4 and 5 for one of the mock exams this year. that kind of sucks… also. i thought there were errors in 2 this year. so, what. they put the exam with the error in it back on the mkt without correcting it?? that’s crazy. is there not a freaking error?

confused here a bit: when you say v4 is it 2008 Version 2 sample exam v4? i dont understand what ‘version 2’ means and how it is different from v4. why do they even have 2 versions in the same title.

i guess last year there were 5 versions of the sample tests. this year there are 3 versions of the sample and 2 “full” mock tests. i’m not sure what you mean by version 2 sample exam v4.

thats how the the exams are titled,cfasf1: Level 2 Version 2 2008 Sample exam v3 i believe everyone is referring to the last bit (v3) when the speak of sample exams?.

That sucks.

oh, sorry. another display of my superior ability to pay attention to details. yes. i guess it must be the last bit. do they all say “Version 2?” if so, yes, definitely the last bit. kind of unbelievable they would use those questions again. i’d be pissed if i were a repeater who took it last year and paid for the same test again this year! It’s not like they’re inexpensive.

Sorry for the confusion. Ignore the last bit…I guess it’s the version of the test software or whatever. Last year the last bit was v5 and this year it’s v6. by v1 I mean version 1, v2 version 2 and so on. I don’t know if they did any corrections for the v6(2008). Maybe they just use last year’s version and change the last bit from v5 to v6 so you feel it’s a different test. I was just wondering if they used anything from version 4 and 5 of 2007 in the 2008 mock exams.

I am thinking of how pissed off I would be if I was paying for the same tests again next year. For two reasons: (1) I failed this year and (2) CFAI asks dough for identical exams

Yeah that blows. I don’t see how they can’t come up with new questions. Laziness?

Im pretty sure v4 &5 from last year are NOT the same as this year’s mocks. The sample exams though are the same as v1-3 last year.

I got all five of the CFA Level II sample exams from a friend who took them last year. So basically I shouldn’t buy the sample’s this year and should just jump to the mocks? I will do the free one though