CFA scholarship


I’ve already applied for a scholarship on Aug 9th but I’ve received no reply. The early payment will end by Sept 19th.

Has anyone applied for their scholarship ? What happens if you aren’t rewarded ?


Scholarships are awarded in Late November. If you do not receive the scholarship you are still eligible for a discount code equivalent to the early registration.

Not true.

Scholarships “are awarded on or before 1 December, to be applied to exams in the following year”.

They often will waive the late fee, if you are not awarded the scholarship and have to register after the first deadline.

From the CFA Institute’s Website (

"Because scholarship notifications occur after the early exam registration deadline has passed, CFA Institute offers a US$150 credit toward the June exam registration fee for those applicants who do not receive an Access Scholarship but who still wish to register for the June 2018 exam. The credit is applied during the exam registration checkout/payment process. *"