CFA scores 2013


There is a bunch of this kind of topics, but it’s normal before the exam… I just wanted to find out, how are your scores between let’s say Schwesser and CFA Mocks. I have bought one of their mocks recently and took it online… my score was 10% lower than on Schwesser, in which I normally score around 70%…

What are your scores?


You’ll pass( assuming you didn’t guess)

Is guessing that bad? i mean if you review your answers that you had guessed and find that the reasoning of the answer is in convergence with your thinking, should you give yourself positive points or will that too count as a negative?

share your score India_28…

more conservative is to leave answer blank if you don’t know, that gives you more reliable score

I would say if you write the 2013 CFAI Mock and you hit around 75% your likely going to pass the real thing.

And regarding guessing: it’s scary that it may fool you in that your logic is incorrect, when really you believe it to be correct in how you answered the question.

i scored 70% in the 1.5 schewser practice papers i gave…and offcourse guessed but reviewed them

for all answers you blindly guessed, answered incorrectly and those you got correct but the approach was wrong, give yourself zero. that would give you a clearer picture about where you stand.

in the last month practice - review -practice. repeat again and again. Review all your answers, this takes time but absolutely essential. simply taking tests without a thorough review of the answers is IMO a waste of time.

Agree with leaving blanks the answer that ua re unsure or dont know. Or at least you mark them. That way you have a clearer picture of what you really know and what u dont. Then really review those u answer wrongly and leave blank. Dont forget to also read those u answer corrrectly to check whether u got to the same answer by correct path/reason