CFA shopping cart

So I went to the store in my building today, my bill was 200$, simple list, 130 horse energy drinks, 2 cans of instant black coffe, 2 alarm clocks, a stop watch, and a model street bike (toy)

So I was wearing my a tight shirt, the cashier looks at my items, looks at me, and she sais, boxing?

I answer CFA, she goes huh with a dumb face. I open an enegry drink, jug it down, and walk back up to my appartement.

Anyone else taking this shit seriously?

In case someone wants to know what the toy is all about, I want to buy that bike one day but I cant afford it, I put it on my studying desk, CFA will bring me one step closer to it.

What is a “horse energy drink”? Also, what’s with all the alarm clocks? Are these in addition to the alarm clock(s) you already own?

horse is like redbull for third world countries, you will feel like a race horse, however it your digestive system will not appreciate it at all, super high caffeine levels and high acidity

i hide alarms all over the room to wake up and study, i out one in fridge, microwave, underbed, in the drain… i got about 10 now. when it is time to wake up, too many to remember where i out them and plus i cant think straight so it takes me 5 mins to find them after which i no longer feel like sleeping

Haha, if you live in an apartment your neighboors could be planning to call Boris to fix your habits.

Edit: Oh and the cashier maybe wants a good pounding; looking guys all day long probably makes her hOrny.

with this much time before the exam and being this much behind, the only thing i will be pounding is CFA books, damn rug burn