CFA Societies?

Are you part of your city’s CFA society? How important is that?

Depends on how much you value drinking while occassionally networking. Our city’s society does a lot of drinking.

For a level 1 candidate, I’d say the best part about the societies is their mentorship programs. When I was living in Minneapolis I volunteered to be a part of the mentorship program and essentially candidates would stop by and talk to me for an hour about the program and job prospects. Some would want advice on how to study. Some would ask about the best way to network. Some would ask about internship opportunities. These candidates would go through like a 12 week networking program where they met a new charterholder every week. Pretty easy way to meet 12 people working in your city…I have to believe that led to internship/job opportunities for a few of them.

The other good thing about the membership is the job board that you get access to and then like the post above mentions, the networking opportunities. If you aren’t already well connected, this gives you a chance to make some connections.

The benefit for a charterholder definitely depends on how much you enjoy networking. I don’t, so I didn’t get a lot of value from a membership.

My local CFA society is having a “Candidate Reception” at the four seasons. You pay $15 if you’re not a member, and you get a drink and appetizers, while networking with industry veterans, and listening to some HR managers. I figured it’s totally worth it since the price of a drink there is pretty much the same ($15)!

#Huskie87, I enjoy networking since that’s what I do all day long (I am wholesaler), so according to what you just said, I will definitely see value in getting a membership with them.

Any other thoughts?

I guess it depends on what you want to do with your career and the purpose of making more connections. If you’re happy as a wholesaler then I’d imagine its not worth your money to pay to network. You meet enough people every day, probably don’t really have much need to meet charterholders…unless you go there to sell product.

There are a few advisors who hold a CFA designation, especially those on the discretionary side of the business. Shaking their hand and getting their business card after a good conversation can go a long way…