CFA Societies

Hi everyone. I’m part of the CFA Detroit society and live in Michigan but have found that larger societies in financial hubs (i.e. Chicago) offer more events and guest speakers. Am I able to create an account to attend those offerings that are available to non-members even though I’m part of the Detroit society? Not sure if there are any issues with doing that.

Thanks for any input.

Hi - yes, for most events you can attend even if you belong to a different Society. In some cases they will make you create a login for that society but usually not. I belong to the SF society but go to other Societies’ webinars all the time.

Also, if you want to change your Society to a bigger locale like Chicago or add a secondary Society (like if you’re going to Singapore for a month) you can do that on the main CFAI website, go to My Account–>Membership.

Anyone can create a free account with CFA Society Chicago and attend its events (the fees are just different and the professional development programs are for members only). If you are a member of another society you can attend at the member rate as they are part of the Passport Program (make sure to check the event as not all events will be part of the program). Unfortunately at this time there isn’t an automatic option within your account to register online so you’ll need to call or email the office to let them know you are a member of another society. Hope this helps!