CFA Society Boston Level II 2017 Mock Exam

Hi, just wrote mock exam from Boston society.Find it pretty hard. Morning session :63% Afternoon session: 68% A bit dissapointed but the struggle continues. What the rest of you believe regarding this mock?

I had some remarks concerning this mock test here

Hi man thanks for this.Haven’t seen it before. Totally agree with your remarks.Pretty strange questions and many answers just to trick you.

I remermber there is a question in which the FCFF is equal to NI + dep - Int(1- tax) - … :slight_smile:

I was just checking They use the following formula. FCFF=CFO-Interest-FCinv. No way they did such a mistake.Unbelievable.

Yes, and this is not the only one I found.

I plan on doing this mock Wednesday although have heard there are error in it, would you recommend doing it?

If you paid already, why not to take?

I took that test on Friday, I was quite upset to find the errors I did, especially in the answer key. I found two instances where the indicated correct answer does not match the work in the answer guide.

haven’t bought it yet, wondering if I should if there are various errors

In this case, I don’t know. Maybe not.

Mind posting the errors that you found?

I found the following for sure: Afternoon session: 18, 21, 27, 31, 35, 36 are in my opinion inaccurate.

I registered for this exam this Saturday. Is it worth completing or should I just see it as a sunk cost and nail down some Schweser exams?

Sorry to hop in late on this one. I did the 2016 level 2 mock a year ago. 10 wrong answers in their key. I called and talked to them, they offered to refund my money. This year they offered to have me as an early reviewer. I said yes. Then, they didn’t send me anything to review.

For anyone reading this for 2018, I suggest doing more topic tests from the institute instead. Better simulation of actual exam questions. Much lower error rate in answer key.