CFA Society Boston

Anyone hear back? I submitted my application for membership on 8/20, still pending local society approval. I’ve emailed them asking when they meet to approve new members although did not receive a response.

same with Chicago, no response. I would think they would want those fees and make a point to review once results are out. That is a good way to deter membership when they make a soft attempt to approve membership when people have spent 3+ years on the program to complete it.

You have to figure they get swamped with these submissions after the results come out and they are not big organizations. I submitted my request to the Boston Society on 8/8 trying to get it in before they got inundated, and I still didn’t get approval until 8/22.

It took me about 2 weeks to get my application approved

kimngan - when did you submit your application and what date did you get it approved? I am trying to guage when they meet.

I submitted the application 7/31 and get approved on 8/22.

I’m sure there are a lot of Toronto Society applicants lurking these boards. I emailed them earlier this week and they said their membership review panel was meeting on the 28th(yesterday). Following the membership review panel, the recommendations are made to the Board of Directors which is wrapped up within 10 days of the 28th. So probably end of next week or early week of Sept 9th Toronto Society applicants should hear back.