CFA Society in NYC?

Is there one? Link? Worth it?

yeah i found it now, thanks.

Are any of you guys here members of this society and if so, what are your experiences with it? More or less, is it “worth it?”

There is something crazy like 10,000 members…was at their annual awards meeting as the guest of a third party verifier, Chris Cox gave the speech…in terms of meeting people and such, and having to join a society to get your charter once you finish up, why wouldn’t you join the society in the financial capital of the world (apologies to all in London, Hong Kong, et al) Seriously, what’s the next best option outside of the city? Stamford, CT? Philly? Its apples and oranges.

Well I didnt know you HAD to join a society, thats first of all. And I *am* joining, I was just wondering if it was going to serve a purpose or merely cost me money for nothing.

I think the NYSSA does serve a purpose to the extent that you want to be involved with that organization. As a part of the charter process, one requires a sponsor form from a regular member of the CFAI who is also a member of the regular local society (in this case, NYSSA). If anybody needs any help obtaining one from NYSSA, the proper person to contact is Rosalie Poss at NYSSA. Her phone number is on the NYSSA website. Be very nice when you call her, and maybe she’ll set you up with a current member (i.e. “sponsor”) of the NYSSA that will not require a face-to-face “interview.” (I wasn’t as lucky, but that’s besides the point). Afterwards, please confirm whether or not the sponsor in question submitted an electronic version of the sponsor form or a hard-copy version. If the sponsor submitted the electronic version, you’re all set. If the sponsor submitted the hard-copy version, he/she would have most likely submitted it to Rosalie. If this is the case, please e-mail your CFA ID number to Rosalie, and she’ll submit the ID number and the PDF copy of the sponsor form to CFA customer services ( Then you’ll be done. Keep in mind that your work experience will not be “accepted” until CFA receives both the sponsor form from your supervisor and the sponsor form from the regular member. Hope this helps!