CFA Society Los Angeles

Anyone hear anything regarding the time frame for approval from CFALA. I see a lot of people getting approved from other societies and I’ve now been waiting over two weeks.

Yes - I emailed them. I was told that they will meet to approve pending applications on September 5th, and that mid-September should be the latest that we hear back.

Honestly it pisses me off that it takes so long. I’m not going to stay a member of CFA LA and I won’t pay the dues to them.

Can we change right now?

I think you would have to withdraw your application and redo it then - and I don’t want to get a new set of recommenders at this point.

Dang it. That is annoying. I don’t want to ask references to redo it

Seriously is so annoying, looks like we got stuck with one of the worst societies. Some are approving next day and CFALA is waiting a month before even meeting, that’s ridiculous.

Another Angelino here. FYI- submitted my application the day after results came out, and I was approved post-September 15th (years ago). After the buzz of passing L3 had already worn off…

You’ll officially become a Charterholder soon, just don’t hold your breath until then.


I spoke with Armin at the LA Society about this a couple of weeks ago. They process applications once a month.

whats the finance market like in LA? is it possible to get an analyst position outside the USC/UCLA/CAL/STANFORD bubble?

I just moved back home from NY in November so trying to figure that out as well. I was auditing Hedge Funds at a big four out in NY, got lucky meant the right people that took a chance on me and I got an analyst position.

We decide no more winters so moved back to LA but it was a pain looking, interviewed at a few funds out here (nothing like NY where they’re on every corner in mid-town) but ended up in private wealth management at a bank, hoping to end up at a fund though.

Smart move might have been going to SF but couldn’t deal with all the orange and black lol (bleeding Dodger blue since '85)

Go Dodgers!!!

What a lightweight.

By '85 I’d been a Dodger fan for over 20 years.

Born in '85 lol, my parents don’t believe me but I remember them celebrating in 88 or at least I’ll keep believing that.

Seriously feels like something special is brewing. The baseball gods are cold and can be heartless (for example poor Hill yesterday, amazing outing though) but just might be that special year everything comes together.

In '88 we were moving into a new house as the World Series started, and there was no radio or TV reception anywhere in the neighborhood. Our neighbor across the street came over to see if we had cable TV yet so that he could watch the first game. That evening I went to a Chinese restaurant about 6 miles away to get dinner, and listened to the end of the game in the parking lot.


“In a year that has been so improbable, the impossible has happened.”

I’m surprised you’re not an Angels fan - aren’t you from Yorba Linda?

I live in Yorba Linda.

I’m _ from _ Los Angeles.

I went to elementary school in Westchester, by LAX. I played 5 years in Westchester National Little League, then moved to Orange; I played 2 years of Pony and 2 years of Colt in Orange.

Has anybody heard anything from CFA LA? I may get the charter awarded by default if they don’t make up their minds in 6 days.

Haven’t heard or seen anything so far, my decision days remaining is at zero now so not sure what that means for me

It means you can email CFAI and they will bypass the local society and award you to the charter.