CFA Society of Philadelphia Members Opinion

I recently received an email invitation (which I believe most Level II candidates also got) to join CFAI and my local chapter. I was hoping that someone who is a member of the CFA Society of Philadelphia could give me their opinion of the events, networking opportunities available and advantages of joining the society. I have read what is said on the CFAP website about the advantages in joining but I was hoping to get some insight into what being a member is like and what opportunities it provides. Do a lot of people attend the events and are the speakers good? Are the majority of the events built around the Luncheon Program? It seems like there are also monthly happy hours. I would think these would be a great place for new members to start to meet people but do a lot of people go? A little background information on myself. I currently work for a mutual fund company in Center City on the Consultant Relations side of the business. I am a CFA Level II candidate for this June’s exam. I have been at the mutual fund company since June 2005. Thanks in advance for any help you would be able to provide.