CFA Society Toronto membership approval timeline

Congrats canucklhead, guess we were in the same batch

I still don’t even have decision days remaining populated on my applications.

CFA Institute has a blank then 0 then 48

Toronto Society has blank 0 then 0

I also called today to find out more info. The person I spoke with said it could take up to another 6 weeks…

I have exactly the same situation in London and was told it could take 6 weeks and they appreciate my patience.

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do, I think I will try that approach on some of our paying customers, as it appears to show integrity and puts the customer first. “It may be days or 6 weeks?!”

Cfai can take up to 10 business days to approve the work ex. After they do so the days remaining gets populated to 30 days and the count down starts. It’s all a waiting game.

Still Waiting… 18 days remaining for local society review

For those of you who are still awaiting local society approval, I came to know, after calling them up, that the board is set to meet on Sep 23rd. So we should have the final decisions around that time. Here is to the last waiting stretch (probably) for this journey.

14 decision days remaining. I was hoping to wake up to an all approved status this morning after the board meeting yesterday

Yep, the wait continues! 11 days remaining for me.

During my approval the status got changed around noon time. So check in around the afternoons

still nothing. 20 days remaining on the countdown

10 days remaining. This is ridiculous. Its been a month since I turned in my application.

I really dont like the variation in review time among societies.

Looks like we will all have to wait the exact 30 days

I am down to 8 decision days… really don’t know what’s taking so long… I submitted my application exactly one month ago. Frustrating.

Yup, looks like it.

6 days remaining for me

8 days remaining and honestly a little bitter about the wait. Like others, I worked my sack off to pass these brutal exams and now this unnecessary delay because the Toronto society can’t get around to approving the application in a timely fashion.

Did anyone bother applying before their work exp was complete? I am a few months out and wondering if it’s better to get it in now or wait til it’s done. Any advice would be appreciated

I honestly don’t understand what the hold up is… their board meeting was last Wednesday…

Okay they saw my earlier post from today. I just got the email asking me to pay my dues. I hope I’m not alone in that and that everyone waiting will have received their emails today too, :slight_smile:

Just checked after reading this post. Got it. Phew!! That was a long wait