CFA Society Toronto membership approval timeline


Any fellow AFers applying to CFA Society Toronto? How long did the local society review take?

They’re all too busy watching the Jays

I’m down to 19 days remaining. Not sure what is taking so long.

I’m curious how long they take as well. I’m down to 26 days. Gave them a call last week and they said they are review as we speak, should be within the next week. Plan to call again this week.


Thanks for the reply. Would appreciate it greatly if you culd post what they respond to the call

Applied on September 1st. No CFAI approval yet, no Decision days remaining have been populated yet either.


Give it 10 calendar days. I have been tracking other people’s CFAI approval timeline and checked mine as well. You should get it by this week.

Down to 16 days remaining for me… but it was a long weekend I suppose.

So called in this morning. They have meetings every 3 weeks. Last one was last week. They are submitting to cfai today or tmw. So depending when it went to local, might have made this last batch.

Did they say what day the meeting was?

Believe it was Thurs or Fri. He was saying mine could have barely made it as mine went to local mid week.


My app went to local on Saturday, assuming that its the same day as when the CFAI approval happens. Another three weeks then.

Never know, maybe they work on the weekend given the volume of apps. All I know is they said they are submitting the apps to cfai today or tmw so must have been sometime in there. I just know I might be boardline in that cutoff so will be refreshing like mad the next few days

14 days remaining.

I called them up yesterday. They said that our application reaches the CFAi and the local society at the same time and the approval process happnes simultaneously. So, all application that were submitted before last week (when the board met) would be sent back to CFAI by the end of this week at the latest. Lets wait it out another couple of days and see.

I am in an unique situation right now. In the midst of a multistage research associate recruitment process, I would love to have the initials. Hopefully, that can give me the edge.

Anyone know if the status gets updated automatically when Toronto approves or we have to wait for cfai to update? This waiting is worse than waiting for exam results.



Did you get an email notification?

Yes, and a link to follow to activate membership.

Got the approval this afternoon. Paid the dues and finally see those three letters after my name.