CFA Song is over, Now What.

While doing CFA, we must have been thinking how to spare more and more time for studies. Now that it is over, I was wondering what new charterholders are doing because at least I am in a state of inertia and it feels like nothing more to do in life and this is kind of boring.

Celebrate like Brennan and Dale (Step Brothers).



March onward into the night and leave us plebeians to soak in our wistful lust

Find another goal to pursue, whether professional or not?

Play another song…

I’ve filled the time with family…and video games. Not always in that order. :stuck_out_tongue:

What games? I’m pumped for Kingdom Hearts 3 release in Jan 2019

Enjoying the nightlife in my hometown, and setting new goals, business related and physical shape improvements in mind.

It’s gonna be a different mid November-June season.

Remember guys, now that are CFA charterholders you must fulfill some kind of “credits” with CFAI in order to maintain the charter from time to time :slight_smile:

I’m trying to start financial modeling exercise in excel, but the process is going very slowly.

KH3 is a game I’ve waited for since like…basically since KH2. They’ve had me waiting so long that I’m still in “believe it when I see it” mode hahahaha. So once I have the game in my hand I’ll be pumped.

For a while my main game has been Super Mario Maker (its easy enough to find me in that community, I use the same name) but recently uploaded my 100th level so I’m effectively retired from making.

Since the exam, I’ve been playing Super Mario Odyssey. :slight_smile:

As per the CFA website, continuing education credits are recommended for charterholders, but are not required.

For real!! My feelings exactly. But it looks like it’s actually happening, so I’m psyched too.

I am still singing. It has been a long time by Aretha Franklin.

Me too. It’s been a long wait, looking forward to seeing what Sora’s been up to for the last…decade hahahaha.

Oh, nice! good to know :grin:

  1. Focusing in DSc/ML/DL applications in Finance, the “2nd wave” of Modern Portfolio,will start a 2 year Fin Engg program

  2. Prof Damodaran and Benniga and few other online sessions + Few papers from SRN as weekly reading

  3. Am planning to teach CFA,FRM in one of the weekends -> not to forget what i have learnt + to dump the earning in my portfolio

  4. Networking

  5. Oh well would like to read many Business and Investment books (CFA never made anyone a good investor lol)

During the last several years of studies, I became a hermit and sacrificed :

  1. Sex

  2. Drugs

  3. Alcohol

In the belief it will keep me focussed and preserve my brain cells for that little longer for the CFA exams.

I know …i know, you’re thinkin’ ouch,…really? no Alcohol for that long? …yeeep.

So time to catch up on ‘some’.

u have mba? im planning to take GMAT!

Yes I have MBA. If you are planning to give GMAT, check out i believe this is the most comprehensive Maths section course of GMAT available.