CFA strategy for level 1

Any guys see like this? I think it very helpfully.

Here is a strategy based on the CFAI exam volumes…this is the only strategy that I have found online that addresses all of the issues that CFA candidates face when preparing for all three levels of the exam. I believe it’s a great starting point for all candidates, especially after viewing the video(s) from the above post.

My Level I story: Started studying around January 8th or so and took the June test. I studied for at least 2 hours per day every single day with about 14 total days off. It was my last semester of college and by the time I graduated at the beginning of May, I was beyond prepared and could barely stand looking at the material anymore. I got something like > 70% on every section but equities so I passed very easily, but some of the information was very fresh on my mind from school (although I learned more studying for the level I exam than I learned in 4 years of college) My advice: Remember you are tested on EVERYTHING and don’t forget to look over the stuff you already learned on a regular basis or you WILL forget.