CFA Study Group in North Jersey

Hi Guys, Is anyone interested in setting up a study group beginning September for the Dec Exam? I am very interested. If so pls respond and we can see how we can connect. I currently work in Downtown Jersey City. Thanks, ERICE

Wish I could! I used to work in Pavonia Newport but just relocated to Charlotte, NC. Good luck on the exam!!

We can setup something, Erice. I work in Midtown and live in JC. After hours/weekends should be fine. Let me know.

I’m about 30mins away from JC. Where do you guys plan on meeting? Is there a library with study rooms in JC?

erice include mee too i leave in downtown jersey city . let me know when you want to . we can meet at jersey city library.

i am about 45 minutes from Jersey City. When and where are you all deciding?

Thanks guys, I will try and see what central location we could be meeting in Jersey City. We could start by meeting on Saturdays and thereafter see how many times we can meet each week. Many thanks, Erice.

Guys, Suggestion - How about catching up on a quick conference call for 15-20 mins on weekend and taking it from there to decide place/time to meet and share plans, or any insights? Erice may be you can take a lead and co-ordinate for us. Thanks,

Hi guys, I am also preparing for Dec level 1. Would be interested in study group once a week in jersey city or hoboken or any nearby area. thanks, Randip

Hi Guys, I live in Manhattan…I am prep for Level 1 - Dec 20008 exam…I like to join u guys… -Janga

Hi Guys, We can meet in the public library downtown Jersey City on Saturdays…if that’s ok. Here is the address of the nearest Library: 472 Jersey Ave Jersey City, NJ 07302 (201) 547-4500 They are open 10.00am - 2.00pm on Saturdays and we can begin on August 30th Anyone can throw in other suggestions.

Thanks Erice - Sounds good to me. For those outside JC, Grove St. Path st. is at 5 min walking distance from library. Guys - Library site says Aug 30th is holiday and library is closed - Labor Day (Observed). So how about catching up coming weekend, 23rd Aug - 10.00 am - 12.00 pm. Guess it would be information sharing/get going kind of meet. Chip in with some agenda for meet guys.

Thanks cfajerseycity, I think this saturday sounds fine to me too. I hope it’s for the others as well

hey guys. are we still meeting tomorrow?

am sorry Erice but it seems people are partying hard :slight_smile: let me know if you wanna catch-up, as I’m in JC.

Jerseycity, Let us meet this coming Saturday…pls let me know if its ok. Thanks.

Erice - Can you email me on rondesharpshooter at gmail dot com. We’ll take it from there.

guys, I live around in jersey City area. Would like to join the study group.

you can also email me @

Absolutely, Please count me in call or email me at or phone me at 732-331-5150!