CFA study group San Francisco bay area

Hi, I just wanted to ask anyone if anyone is interested in meeting one/two times a week for a study group that will bring motivation and help us keep on track and even do problems. I just passed Level 1 in December and am done with the Quant part of Level 2. Let me know if anyone is interested!

I am June L2, too. I am trying to start a study group that also includes June L1 people. I have two L1 people on the list now. Y can email me at with your location

Puerto Rico huh? I hear it is nice this time of year.

Oops… Don’t know how that link showed up in my post. I did read that Puerto Rico wiki page yesterday though. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in SF and taking L2 again. I would be interested in meeting up once a week to review questions/LOS. Please let me know. I work in the financial district and live in the east bay. You can email me at with more info.

Hi, I live in the east bay and would be interested in meeting once a week. I took level 2 last year and unfortunately I did not pass. I am a taking the L2 exam again this year and am currently on SS8 and 9. My e-mail is