cfa study material and withdrawl

Hi people: I am planning on withdrawing from the June exam due to some personal reasons…no plans of registering presently for Dec. Any suggestions on what you guys do with the CFA study materials from the Institute? thanks,

If you dont mind the rough texture, it should make adequate toilet paper.

This reminds me of the scene from old school with the missing seatbelt.

The paper in the CFA materials is actually quite smooth… Almost too smooth to be.very effective as toilet paper.

lol…i thought as much…just wanted to see if there were any other options! thanks!

Iam planning to answer in June 2011 though not sure though wanted to get a feel 1 st & be comfortable after reading a few topics. Is it possible to lend me those books if you are not planning to take the exam this year

Hey Needhelp, Sure - Am new on the forum myself - how can we take this offline?