CFA Study Material from 2007 to 2008

I’ve purchased the CFAI study material for Dec-07 exam. In the event of my failing (with a probability of 50%) do I need to get these study material again as per the CFA new policy of buying the material with the exam registration fees? Or I just need to buy the copy of the changed syllabus contents… thanks in advance

Is there even such a thing as " a copy of the changed syllabus content" ? Fill me in where did you see this?

mystically, what I meant is do I need to throw my old CFAI books once I registered for the June L1 exam? Or CFA is trying to make some more $$ by making you buy their books every time you fail…

im sure study providers (stalla, schweser) provide you with some sort of list detailing the exact changes in the syllabus…

when you enrolled Jun 2008 exam, CFA will send Jun 2008 curriculum to you

this is bundling, I personally think it’s against the law, but CFA institute is smart in making it look like curriculum.