CFA studytime redux - great tool to help you keep track of study progress.

Yo, analystforum.

It’s been a while, missed you so much that I come bearing gifts. I want to share a program that went down well last year. CFA studytime redux. It’s a neater version of what I posted last year with some improvements. Basically it allows you to plan and monitor your study effort against your goal. Some cool features, including:

  • Track and see days and hours left until exam day.

  • Find out when you’ll be finished studying based on you average study effort over the previous 7 days.

  • See you how much of the curriculum you have completed so far.

  • See what percentage of hours you’ve put in so far and how much time you have left.

  • Neat visuals of hours worked against potential and target hours.
    Check it out here, it’s easy to use and should keep you focused and honest. Good luck to all exam sitters (and re-sitters)! Mike

Really nice, thanks man

pretty pretty

Thanks man, I was just thinking of making some kind of plan/ schedule for the days ahead and got this. Really appreciate it.

And just a small corrections guys, the progress and completion rate in the curriculum progress needs to be divided by 56 and not 64.

Good spot symbian - was using last years # of study sessions. Fixed now.

I’m pretty sure that I’m using a version of your old spreadsheet that I’ve made a few modifications to. If so, thanks!

It appears that the Target Study Hours on the Hours Worked Against Target pie chart seems to grow with the hours worked. As it is now, if I were to work 950 hours, I would still only be 73% of the way to target hours. Should this be fixed?

Glad you found it useful whacim. You’re right about the calculation - Now fixed on same link above, the elusive 100% targets hours completed is now possible!