CFA superhero

Got a month left for my level 3 exam. Yet i spend time goofing around like this. Shows much I love procrastination. If ever there was a comic book superhero related to CFA, what would you name him?

Lokeshray, I’d call the superhero Loki, from Norse mythology. Loki the shape shifter assists the gods, and sometimes causes problems for them and himself. In one story four travelers continue their journey and find themselves facing a massive castle. At the entrance to the castle is a shut gate, and they find that they cannot open it. They squeeze through and come to a hall, inside the great hall are benches, where many mostly large people are sitting. It is said that no visitors are allowed to stay unless they can perform a feat. Loki, standing in the rear of the party, is the first to speak. Loki says “I know a feat that I am quite prepared to go at, that there is no one inside here who can finish the feat quicker than I.” Now stop procrastinating and get on with your books so you can say this on June 6.