CFA Survey

I am one of the chosen one to provide feedback for the CFA exams. One thing high on my list is 2 exams for level 2 and level 3 like they have for level 1. Let me know your inputs if you have any other comments. SM

Also one of the priveleged choen few (?)…yet to respond. I am confused by your comments with respect to 2 exams. Is L2 any different in that we have a morning and afternoon paper?

I filled the thing out already. It seems like a marketing survey more than anything. I did make sure to mention more item set questions in the text/more mocks & an extra exam for level 2 & 3 in Dec.

For those who have received the survey, here is one question which I want to ask from you. What were yours sectional scores in the level 1 exam ? All 10 sections greater than 70 % ??

I was chosen. I receive >70 in all L1 sections except equity where I received 50-70

I received survey but haven’t filled it out. I was all > 70% in December.

I don’t think your score has anything to do with your selection. I am also a “chosen one” but the email starts off saying, “You have been randomly selected…” I also got >70 in all areas in 2008 after failing L1 once in 2007.

was also chosen. >70% in all L1 areas, except for PM

CFA says this"You have been chosen…" to every one, so as to motivate us to fill the surveys.

I heard if you answer the survey in the right sequence you get an automatic pass.

I wans’t >70 in all areas. I doubt it has anything to do with it.

I was one of the “chosen” too. I scored >70 everything but derivs and FRA (Dec 09). After taking L1 December and now L2 in June, I’d hate to think about L3 in Dec. If I were to band 10 L2 I’d love to be able to take it in Dec then sit for L3 in June. With the test becoming so large I don’t see why they can’t do L2 twice a year. It’s a scantron test how hard can it be for a bunch of CFA Charterholders to grade and exam that is scored on a computer for them? I guess they did not take L2 on how to read an ANOVA table :slight_smile: