CFA: "Surviving the Great Inflation"

Does anyone know much about this guy Michael Murphy? I think he was a big tech investor who blew up and doesn’t manage money anymore. I get a kick out of his bio just from the way it is worded: “Michael Murphy, an honors grad in economics from Harvard and a Chartered Financial Analyst, has been in the markets for 40 years as a stock analyst and investment newsletter writer. He sidestepped the Crash of 2007-2008, and in 2009 his New World Investor was up 148.5%.” Aside from the blatant COE violation, it reads like he is ineffectively trying to pump up his credentials. “Has been in the markets” etc. The pitch very much reminds me of the Porter Stansberry scam: “The End of America”. It’s a shame that the designation is associated with this sort of stuff.

Why is it a COE violation?

ManMythLegend Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Why is it a COE violation? I’m just being nit-picky. He claims he is a “Chartered Financial Analyst”. Must have failed the ethics portion. :slight_smile:

ManMythLegend Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Why is it a COE violation? Code Of Ethics. BTW doesnt sound THAT pumped up to me. If he has been a stock analyst and newsletter writer, it is stating a fact. He may or may not have been good at either of those functions but ‘being in the markets for 40 years’ isnt pumping up.